Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speaking Words of Faith and Encouragement

The mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is just. The law of his God is in his heart; his feet do not slip.  –Psalm 37:30, 31

I was listening to a comedian on TV a few years ago and he was talking about phone calls.  He posed the question about calling someone and then being disappointed when you didn’t get the answering machine.  Have you ever had that happen?  How did that turn out?  Hopefully, you took to heart my advice about smiling throughout the phone conversation, which can make a wonderful difference.  Speaking of phones, I have been trying to decide whether or not to get caller ID.  Yes, I know; it’s hard to believe that I still don’t have that feature, but I have come to the conclusion that getting caller ID will take away all the excitement from answering the phone.

Remember the days before we had caller ID?  Answering the phone was kind of exciting.  As it was ringing we were thinking, “I wonder who this could be?”  Now, we see who it is and we think, “Him?  I definitely don’t want to talk to him – so I won’t answer.”  And then the caller gets your machine, which is a relief, because he was probably in a hurry was grateful to just get to leave a message.  But seriously, must all the thrill be taken from the simple things in life?  Without caller ID the phone rings and we can wonder with great anticipation who will be on the other end.  An old friend, perhaps?  A loved one we haven’t heard from in a long time?  The possibilities are endless.  Honestly, I hate to lose all that. 

The Scripture reminds us that when we do have the opportunity to speak that if we are following the Lord we will communicate with righteousness and truth.  Regardless of whether on the phone or in person, what we speak will be honoring to God and an encouragement to others.  Does that mean that we have to be serious and somber all of the time?  Go back and re-read the beginning of this blog post and you will see that the answer is no.  Humor can honor our faith in Christ and be a tremendous encouragement to those around us.  I have said many times before and I believe it with all my heart, that laughter is a wonderful gift from God as well as the best medicine.   
As followers of Christ, let us strive to speak words of faith, encouragement, and edification to those around us.  There is someone the Lord will place in your path today who needs an encouraging word.  Be open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to minister those soothing words of hope as we have opportunity.   
As the Bible says, when the Word of God is in our hearts, our feet are firm and will not slip.  Walk forward in faith today.

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