Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Value of Hard Work

We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly.  –I Corinthians 11:12, 13a 

I just returned yesterday from a three day trip into eastern Kentucky where I spent two days hiking through the Daniel Boone National Forest.  No doubt you’ll be reading about this trip in some blog posts later in the week (I also plan to post some pictures).  What a wonderful and blessed time I had – but more about that later.  Some might wonder how my blog posts continued even while I was away.  Ah, the wonder of modern technology.  I have at times taken a laptop with me and posted them while I traveled, but this time I posted them in advance; each day scheduled to appear at the appointed time.  That way, those who receive a blessing from these posting may continue to do so – even when I am taking some time off.

Anyone who has done some writing will understand that while it can be a relaxing and enjoyable pursuit, writing is also hard work.  It requires tremendous emotional and spiritual energy to achieve.  However, when the work is through there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  This is the nature of any sort of honest work; when we are finished we have that sense of time well spent, which produces some positive feelings.  This can apply not only to our vocation, but also to work we do around the house such as cutting the grass.  We are perhaps tired when we are done, but it’s a good kind of tired. 

The Bible speaks of engaging in hard work – the kind which brings about a positive result.  Work that is honest, provides for our families, and is done with a right attitude will be blessed by God.  Nowhere in the Scriptures will we find that God blesses laziness and a half-hearted attitude.  Rather, the opposite is true; God always blesses honest and hard work done with integrity and dedication.  This will apply to all walks of life and any occupation.  The problem comes when we begin to rely upon ourselves and our on abilities for satisfaction in life.  We will soon come up empty and feeling like we aren’t accomplishing much.

Trust in the Lord and seek a personal relationship with Him.  Through that blessed walk with Christ we find fulfillment, joy, peace, and happiness in life.  The work we do can come alive in some fresh and wonderful ways when Jesus Christ is at the center of our lives.
So, what is your occupation?  Seek the Lord first, and the rest will fall into place.  Christ will empower you to be the best you can possibly be in whatever station in life He has placed you.  From that position of faith you can have the light of Christ shining through. 

You are vital to the kingdom of God.  Never forget that.

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