Friday, September 3, 2010

The Evidence of God in Creation

In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.  –Psalm 102:25 

This past week as I hiked through a portion of Red River Gorge in Kentucky, I was taken with the awesome grandeur of the sandstone cliffs and the beauty of the hills and valleys.  Truly I witnessed the wonder of God’s handiwork as demonstrated in this beautiful place.  As I gazed out upon the rock cliffs, visible from my vantage point on the top of the gorge, I considered that this is part of the foundation of the earth as described in Scripture.  Numerous times I sat and communed with God; I could hear His voice in the gentle breeze reminding me that He is the author of the universe and the sustainer of life.  The knowledge that the same God who created the world cares for you and me in such a personal way is truly a humbling thought.

I also wondered about the people who had gone before, who have stood where I stood, saw what I was seeing, and viewed the majestic rock formations and lofty heights.  I am not talking about people from this season or even five, ten, or twenty years ago.  No, I thought about past people and cultures; explorers of the 1600 and 1700’s, and even further back – the Indians who inhabited Kentucky, known by the Iroquois as Kentahten, which means "land of tomorrow."  When they stood upon the upper rim of the Red River Gorge and witnessed the view I would see all those centuries later, did they too consider that God Almighty had in that place laid the foundations of the earth?  No one can say for certain, but I can testify that I saw the glory of the creation of Almighty God.  

Wherever you go today and whatever you do, stop and consider that the same God who set the planets in motion knows us personally and desires a close and vibrant relationship with us.  Christ came into the world that we might have salvation and commune with God as friend to friend.  While I enjoyed communing with God during my hiking trip, I can also talk with Him each morning during my daily devotional time, and I can rely upon His strength and grace to carry me through the day.  When my day isn’t going so well, God is always willing to listen to my problems and offer His help. 

Look to the Lord today and rejoice in His salvation.  The Lord is a constant source of comfort, joy, peace, and life.  Praise His holy name!

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