Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank God for our Freedom

11The counsel of the LORD standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations.  12Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. -Psalm 33:11, 12 (KJV) 

Every Fourth of July I can’t help but think about my life history which helped shaped my love for America.  The powers that oversaw the education of students at E.J. Brown elementary school made sure we not only learned basic math, English, history, and science, but we also learned about patriotism.  This latter subject came in the form of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance each morning and in the school choir we were required to learn such patriotic songs as “America the Beautiful,” “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” My Country tis of Thee,” and The Star Spangled Banner.”  I can still sing these songs even today. 

As I reflect on this I can say with all certainty that this pride in America did me great good.  I learned of patriotism, and I also learned from my parents and church of God Almighty whose hand guided the Founding Fathers in the establishment of this country.  As I grew up it began to make sense to me; we are strong as a nation because of our faith in God.  To be sure, the faith I hold dear is not shared by everyone, yet this is what has made America great.  We are free to believe and pursue faith in God as we see fit or we may choose not to do so.  In either case the government cannot interfere with the individual expression of religion or the non-practice thereof.   

Freedom of religion is one of the cornerstones of our nation.  When compared with many nations in the world where the freedom to worship as one chooses is stifled and in some cases forbidden we are indeed blessed and fortunate.   I thank God for the freedoms we enjoy and for those who paid the ultimate price of their lives in gaining this freedom. 

Let us do, as the Bible says, and use our freedom to advance the cause of Christ.  We are called to be the light of Jesus Christ in a world darkened by sin.  Because of our free country we may boldly shine this light to those around us.  Take time to thank God for our freedom.  And be sure to tell a veteran how much you appreciate their service to our country. 

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.  And God bless America.

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