Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peace and Calm in the Storms of Life

He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.  –Psalm 107:29 (KJV)

As I write this I am typing furiously trying to “stay ahead of the weather,” as they say.  Storms are hitting all across southwest Virginia, and one is apparently about to unleash its fury on us at any moment.  When the thunder and lightning starts, all computers in the house are powered down.  We learned the hard way what electrical storms are capable of doing.  About ten years ago a tree behind our house took a direct hit from a lightning strike (it sounded like an explosion) and not only did it kill the tree, but it fried our television and microwave oven.  We only had one computer at the time and it was off and equipped with a surge protector.  Sadly, the TV and microwave didn’t make it. 

Storms have the potential to be frightening.  This time of year there is also the possibility of hail or even a tornado.  The noise from a storm can also be unnerving.  We are fortunate in that our two dogs, Ada and Leon, do not seem to mind a storm at all and usually sleep through them.  Yes, storms have the power to frighten and disrupt our lives.  The storms of life function in like manner.  We all face various trials and problems – storms, and if we are not in one now we know one is waiting for us around the corner.  If you are in a calm time, be thankful and use it as a time for preparing spiritually for those storms that are surely coming.  Prayer, God’s Word, and unshakable faith are our best defenses during life’s storms.  God has promised in His Word to calm the storms so that even the waves crashing around us become still. 

The writer of the psalm understood the comparison of our lives with the storms that often rage around us.  Christ is our anchor who will give us the strength, composure, and stability we need as we navigate the storms we face.  No matter what you are facing, know the Lord is with you and will guide you through – not crawling, but walking forward in faith and victory.

Speaking of storms, the rain is picking up outside and this storm may be upon us.  I had better power down this PC.

God bless you today.