Monday, February 7, 2011

The Value of a Good Reputation

A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.  The rich and poor meet together: the LORD is the maker of them all.  –Proverbs 22:1, 2 

The other day I was reading an online article about ways that folks like us can save money over the long term by eliminating certain items and habits from our lives.  That got my attention, because in these difficult economic times we all need to stretch our dollars a little further, and as followers of Christ I know that the Bible teaches that we are to be good stewards of the finances with which the Lord has blessed us.  The article listed six habits or items that if done away with can save a staggering amount of money over the long haul.  There was one problem, however; Andrea and I are already doing without them.   

For example, the article said that by cutting out a daily coffee and doughnut that countless people consume each day, average cost $4.00 that a whopping $22,000.00 can be saved over a ten year period.  I can count on one hand the times I will do that in a six month period.  Quit smoking, the article said, and you will save over $26,000.00 over a ten year period.  Again, neither of us are smokers and never have been.  If you’re spending an average of $10.00 per day eating lunch at work you could start packing your lunch and save around $37,000.00 over that ten year time frame.  Again, we either pack lunches or eat at home.  There were a few others such as weekly manicures and golfing, but as I stated, we don’t do those either.  I thought this over and realized that with all this saving I might retire a millionaire one day!   

The Word of God states that obtaining a good name and a good reputation is more valuable than any riches we will ever accumulate.  The Bible also says that to be esteemed by God and those around us carries with it immeasurable rewards.  To walk in God’s favor and to have an upright standing in the community is something we earn and we must continually pursue.  In doing so, we discover riches that transcend anything of earthly value.  Solomon, one of the wealthiest men that ever lived, understood the weighty value of a good reputation.  For us today, our standing in the community will positively reflect upon our witness for the Lord Jesus. 

Let’s show the world that we are serious about serving Christ and that we are committed to shining His light to everyone around us.  Walk in faith, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and let Jesus shine from your life today. 

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