Monday, August 31, 2015

Never Get Over the Wonder of Life

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t at least a little tired; I think it was when I was seven. Kids always have unlimited energy, like fully charged batteries that never drain. Eventually, we become adults with grown-up responsibilities, such as jobs, spouses, kids, and a mortgage, and suddenly we realize the stamina all this requires. The naps we hated as children become something longed for like mirages in the desert. We are dying of thirst, and fatigue, and if only we could lie down in that blissful oasis, even for a short while, we would be re-born. Ah yes, we would recline in streams of cool water, close our eyes in ecstasy, and emerge refreshed and ready to take on the world. Like David facing Goliath, we could whip anyone.

When I was seven, I was never tired. Such boundless energy has a source, which is the wonder of life. Children today have lost touch with said wonder, and therein lies the tragedy. When I was seven, my brother and I received Superman suits as gifts from our parents. Someone in the copyright department was sleeping through this epoch of my childhood because I remember well that Superman logo screaming “copyright infringement” to a slumbering world, yet somehow no one noticed or sued anyone. We ripped the plastic covers off our suits, donned our costumes, and flew about the house, arms outstretched before us, bright red capes streaming behind us, like super heroes seeking dangerous criminals. Numerous passes through the kitchen and dining room perhaps caused our parents to reevaluate the wisdom of their gift. Right before takeoff, I recall reading a warning label printed in the cover of our Superman suits, which said, “Warning: this suit does not give wearer the ability to fly.” I said, “Hey Tom, look at this; someone thinks wearing this suit will make him fly.” My brother returned my derisive jest with a pitying gaze, and then he raised his arms before him and was again in flight.

I doubt any seven year old kids today would surrender their IPod, laptops, video games, or smartphones, even for a moment to fly around the house in a Superman suit. That is a shame, because they do not know what they are missing. They would discover overlooked delights. They already possess the energy. They simply need a positive outlet.

I am always looking for a positive outlet or something which will give me energy. Maybe I will find a Superman suit and go for a fly around the house. I wonder if the neighbors would think it odd if they saw me cruising the neighborhood, arms outstretched, red cape wildly flapping behind me as I ran down the street seeking to right the world’s injustices. My wife would not blink an eye. She has already lived through my phases of, I want a motorcycle, I think I will get a Corvette, I am certain I can climb Mount Everest, perhaps I will become a mixed martial arts fighter, and the latest, I am certain I could be the next “American Ninja Warrior” champion.

Never be fearful of dreams, for they are energizing. Live, dream, aspire. Thank God for every day. Make the most of life and redeem the time we have. Never get over the wonder of life.

God bless you today.

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