Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Let's Try Something Different

Let’s try something different.  I would love to hear from you.  Why is this?  The reason is I have a burden for whatever you are facing.  I desire to pray for God’s grace, healing, comfort, and strength for you.  I know these are powerful forces in my own life and I wish for God’s power for you as well.  God is able to do great works in our lives, but we must be faithful.  Life is hard, difficult, frustrating, and exhausting.  Jesus Christ offers hope and peace in the storms of life.

Over the last year, my understanding of four areas has expanded.  Let me briefly elaborate on each one:

First, I have discovered that people want to share their thoughts and ideas.  I have studied a number of blogs recently, and the comments sections are extremely active.  Relief and a measure of comfort are found in sharing from the heart, even anonymously. 

Second, I learned the hard way that comments in a blog must be moderated.  Some comments may be inappropriate for this blog.  Therefore, from this point forward I encourage comments in the form of thoughts, ideas, concerns, burdens, and ways I can pray for you.  However, all comments will be moderated for appropriateness. 

Thirdly, countless people have been hurt, and I hate to say it, but abused, by the church.  This includes laypersons and pastors.  They are hurting, and they need a safe place to share their fears and hurts.  Many of them may never return to church.  Many more have renounced faith in God.  If this is you, I want to hear from you.   

Fourthly, the next generation does not do church as we always have.  If we get them to attend a worship service at all, they have no interest in whether or not the pastor wears a tie, the color of the carpet, whether there is an organ or a guitar, how people are dressed, or strict adherence to a prescribed order of service.  These are issues congregations have vehemently fought and split over for decades.  The younger people among us look upon us in wonder why we would worry about such matters when people are starving and parts of the world are going up in flames. 

So, share your thoughts, your burdens, and tell me how I can pray for you.  Maybe I can be of some help.  I am certain God can help.

God bless you today.

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